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Facial care 45min – 1h


Bath entry included

  • Equilibrium treatment 45 min : 60€
  • (Moisturizer for all skin types)
  • Capyl Care 1h : 65€
  • (for sensitive skins)
  • Anticomedons treatment 1h : 65€
  • (to purify the skin)
  • Eye Contour Care 1h : 65€
  • (to reduce puffiness and dark circles)

Treatment type : * 


Equilibrium treatment (all skin types) – 45min
The Equilibrium facial care is a simple moisturizing care adapted to all skin types and all ages.

Capyl Care (sensitive skin) – 1h
Capyl facial care is intended for dry, thin and sensitive skin. Soothing, it targets diffuse redness, calms and decongests.

Anticomedons treatment (acneic skin) – 1h :
Anticomedons cleansing and balancing treatment is applied to comedogenic skin with dilated pores.

Eye Contour Care – 1h
The eye contour care, decongesting and draining, is a specific care that acts on traces of fatigue to reduce puffiness and dark circles.


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