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Bains de LLO
Route des Gorges, 66800 LLO.

Tél : 04 68 04 74 55 |

Opening times

10am to 07:30pm

10am to 08pm
Christmas and winter School holidays
and from July 15th to August 31st

Annual Closings
Closed from May 21 to May 24 included
and from Nov. 12 to Dec. 3 2024 included

Crowded periods

Low season attendance:

High season attendance:

In general, the crowds are regularly distributed throughout the day.

On ski weekends and winter school holidays, the best is to come to Bains de Llo at the opening, at 10 am, to enjoy quieter mornings and pools that are always a little warmer.

This leaves you free all afternoon to visit the surroundings or go for a mountain hike.

Thermal Baths Access

Free parking with 500 spaces

Route des Gorges, 66800 LLO.
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For your small pits, you will find on site
fast food service (frozen prepared meals).

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  • Snacks (croque monsieur hot sandwich, pizza, etc.): 4 €
  • Meals (shrimp noodle wok, beef parmentier mince, tikimasala chicken, vegetarian couscous, etc.)
  • Meal + Dessert : 9€


  • Desserts (chocolate fondant, waffles, clafoutis, pineapple skewers, etc.): from 3,5 €
  • Ice cream : from 3,5 €
  • Chocolate bars : 1€


Hot and Cold : from 1.70€ to 3€


A picnic terrace is available on-site The picnic is tolerated in our bar room depending on availability and if you take a drink.

Any Questions ?

You will certainly find an answer in our Frequently asked questions section !

Hot Spring Baths | Massage & Treatments | Accommodation | Covid 19


Hot Spring baths


What should I wear to swim?

For men, a swimsuit or swimming shorts (underwear prohibited).

For women, the 1 or 2 piece swimsuit only.

It is possible to rent or buy a swimsuit or a bath towel at the LLO Baths reception.

What is the minimum age for kids ?

The hot baths are accessible to children if they have received their compulsory vaccinations, that is to say from 6 months.

The best is to have short baths with breaks to avoid heat excess. You should make your kid drink before, during and after the baths. The same applies for adults. You get very quickly dehydrated.

Should you book for the hot spring baths?

No, it is not necessary. However, during busy times, it is best to show up in the morning, ideally when it opens at 10 a.m. or at lunchtime.

The establishment remains open without interruption from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. throughout the year, and from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. during Christmas, Winter and mid-July to late August school holidays.

Can we swim if we are pregnant?

There is no particular contraindication to bathing when you are pregnant, unless otherwise advised by the doctor (for example, circulation disorders, heart or tension problems, etc.).

Do not hesitate to consult your doctor. You have to alternate the hot spring baths and moments out of the water, which is easy to do at Bains de LLO where there are 5 pools that can be gradually discovered. And always drink water regularly.

Please note that the hammam and sauna are to be avoided when you are pregnant or suffering from circulation problems, heart problems or tension.

Can I keep my jewelry while bathing?

Silver reacts with sulfurous water: your jewelry may darken, so avoid wearing it while you bathe. That said, a little baking soda or even toothpaste will be enough to make them shine again.

Gold jewelry are not oxidized by sulfurous water.

However, check the closures of your jewelry because hydromassages and bubble baths are powerful.

Do you need a swimming cap?

Swimming caps are not compulsory. However, long hair must be tied up.

Does the thermal water of the baths smell like sulfur?

Yes, the hot spring water has a characteristic sulfur smell because it is renewed at almost 25% every day: therefore there is always a significant amount of sulfur present in the water.

The Bains de LLO water has a high pH (8.2), most of the sulfur is present under a soluble form, which is an advantage for these waters as they remain rich in sulfur.

They are thus richer in soluble sulfur and less odorous than certain springs which lose their sulfur in a volatile form because of a more acidic pH.

What are the main benefits of LLO Thermal Baths?

Many studies have been carried out and showed the virtues of warm waters and glairines, these microscopic algae present in water and living from the sulfur cycle at miles underground.

Thus, sulfurous waters are traditionally used for joint, rheumatic or muscular pains. Thanks to sulfur in particular, they also have an important role in the dermis and dander, helping to strengthen the hair and skin.

The mineral composition, sulfur, heat of the water, combined with hydrostatic pressure and hydromassages, improve drainage and promote detoxification. Hot baths help to restore balance and stimulate the body and mind.

Do you use chlorine to disinfect the pools?

No, we do not use chlorine which is a very aggressive product and at the origin of allergies or occupational diseases for lifeguards.

The regulations require disinfection, which is obviously necessary. We use bromine, which is much more expensive but very effective for thermal waters, especially those with a high source pH, as is the case with LLO Baths.

In fact, bromine is very well tolerated and has an excellent oxidizing power which allows it to act alone, without adding other chemicals, while preserving the quality of hot sulfurous waters.


Massage & Treatments


What should I wear ?

For body cares we will provide you a towel and a disposable thong for women or a swimsuit for men if necessary. Remember to bring a bathing suit and a towel for the thermal baths. In case you forget, we propose towels and bathing suits for rent or for sale.

I'm pregnant, can I do all the treatments?

For pregnant women we use neutral essential oils that are well tolerated. However, we do not practice massages beyond 6 months of pregnancy. In this case, it is better to opt for a facial treatment.

What products are used for massages?

For the massages we use grape seed oil and cosmetic products of the Phyts brand.

How long before the treatment do we have to show up?

You must present yourself 10 minutes before the start of your treatment at the Spa reception desk in order to get dressed and be directed to your treatment cabin. You can arrive earlier if you want to enjoy the baths before your treatment.

Are massages medical care?

Massages or modelling are performed by state-qualified beauticians who practice wellness and non-medical treatments. They are also trained in the active biocosmetics of the Phyts brand. The proposed cures are not reimbursed by social security.

Is it possible to take a bath after a treatment or is it better to keep the benefit of the products?

After a massage, it is good to keep the benefit of essential oils on your skin to nourish it. You can take advantage of a hammam session to promote the penetration of essential oils before swimming or by delaying the shower until the following day.

What are the special features of the hydromassage bath at Les Bains de LLO?

The Bains de Llo whirlpool bath at Spa Nature is an individual bath with sulphurous water without any treatment to which essential oils have been added. Hydromassages are personalized by targeting specific areas of the body.

Why are massages at Bains de LLO considered more effective?

Massages at Llo’s Baths are full body massages from head to toe. They incorporate a variety of techniques including wrapping, stretching or accentuation movements on certain areas. They use essential oils and organic products from the Phyts brand to nourish the skin and restore its natural radiance.



At what time can we arrive ? And leave ?

Check in is accepted from 4 p.m. until 6.30 p.m., preferably. For a later arrival, it is necessary to contact the establishment in order to coordinate. Similarly, in case of delay, please notify as soon as possible.

You shall check out in the morning before 10 a.m. For an earlier departure, plan to speak to the reception team when you arrive or during your stay.

Is the entrance to Bains de LLO included ?

It is possible to access independently to the Hot Spring baths by taking the « Pass Access » card, while you book on our website. It is still possible to request it on site but only at the start of your stay. This formula allows free access to the Baths, as many times as desired.

The « Pass Access » is invoiced for the entire stay at the price of 10€ / adult / night and 9€/ child < 12 years old / night of accommodation.

It is not possible to take it for only a part of your stay. You still have to show up at the reception of the Hot spring Baths to register your entry and therefore it is not a skip-the-line card.

Is cleaning included?

The tenant is responsible for the end of stay cleaning. If at the departure of the tenant, the quality of the cleaning is not sufficient, a certain amount will be taken from the deposit to ensure the required cleanliness.

It is also possible to request the “Cleaning included” option, the price is indicated when booking that option on the website.

Are the bed sheets included?

Sheets and pillowcases can be rented and reserved on the website. This is an option that allows the tenant to choose the formula that best suits him.

Table cloths and other kitchen cloths are not provided.

Are the Bains de LLO really next to the apartment?

The apartments are right next to the Bains; you just cross a terrace to access the entrance to the Hot sping Baths.

This is one of the significant advantages of these apartments and of the “Access Pass” formula which allows you to take full advantage of the LLO Baths: most tenants access the Baths directly in a bathrobe during their stay and choose the time of the day that suit them.




94.7% of clients feel safe
at the LLO Baths compared to the current situation of Covid 19

Result of a survey conducted from September 10 to September 18, 2020 on a sample of 40 clients of the LLO Baths.

Is it necessary to wear a mask to come swimming?

The mask is compulsory for our customers at the reception of the Baths and in the changing rooms. It can be left in the lockers and is not necessary for bathing or circulating between the pools. However, all employees of the establishment in contact with customers wear a mask. It can be left in the lockers and is not necessary for bathing or circulating between the pools. However, all employees of the establishment in contact with customers wear a mask.

Is it necessary to make a reservation to come and bathe?

Reservation is not required to come and bathe. However, you can if you wish, book your entry online. Reservation is also necessary for massages or facials.

Is there a risk of water contamination?

Sulphurous pond water is by nature disinfectant and therefore there is no transmission of the virus in the water. However, it is necessary to respect the barrier gestures outside the pools.

Are all activities possible?
  • All indoor and outdoor pools are open but with a reduced number of people and with a specific circuit to avoid crossings. There is no need to make a reservation.
  • All indoor and outdoor pools are open but with a reduced number of people and with a specific circuit to avoid crossings. There is no need to make a reservation.
  • The wellness area (hammam and sauna) is open. On the other hand the relaxation room is closed.
  • Aquagym classes have started again on Saturday and Monday mornings outside of school vacations. The number of people is limited to respect social distancing.
  • Massages and facials at the Spa Nature are possible upon reservation. A specific cleaning protocol has been set up in the cabins.
  • Fast food is available on the outside terraces. We give preference to take-away sales.
  • The hair-drying area has been condemned
What measures are taken to prevent the spread of the virus?

The measures in place are as follows:

  • Reminder of barrier gestures
  • Provision of hydroalcoholic gel
  • Plexiglas barrier at the reception desk
  • Installation of a traffic direction to avoid crossroads
  • Mandatory shower before access to the pools
  • Respect of the distance of 1 meter
  • Limited number of people in each pool and in the facility
  • Reinforced cleaning of the establishment
  • Condemnation of hair dryers

Note: Sulphurous pond water is by nature disinfectant and therefore there is no transmission of the virus in the water.

What are the barrier gestures to be applied?
  • Sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue and throw it away immediately.
  • Respect the distance of 1 meter
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Greet each other without shaking hands or hugs.
  • Avoid touching your face with hands that have not been cleaned with gel or soap.

Do you have any other questions ?