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Natural Spa Treatments

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Come dream in and exceptional setting.


Book extraordinary massages and facials.

Natural Spa Treatments


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A regenerating and entertaining journey

Follow the Vitality Trail, composed by the Bains de LLO, for an invigorating and relaxing experience!

The Large Swimming Pool

Start with the Large Swimming pool with extension movements in the water. Let yourself go while enjoying the warm water and the magnificent setting of the Gorges du Sègre valley…





How to use every attraction ?

Bubble benches :
They enable to relax while toning the body and the skin, thanks to the irregular swirls of the bubbles. So we can close our eyes, sunbathe and relax both spiritually and physically.

Water Canons :
Massage the neck, shoulders and upper-back. You can receive the jets directly on your muscles for a more invigorating massage, then immerse yourself under water and obtain a more diffused massage. One of the Water Canons is very invigorating and focused while the other is wider, allowing a distributed flow of water over your shoulders.

Hydrojets massage :
Once the upper body is massaged, we will continue the hydraulic massages with hydrojets that come out of the wall at different heights to massage the abdomen, lumbar zone, arms and then legs.

Foot Massage :
Finally we will finish with a foot and calf massage session thanks to the hydrojets emerging from the ground. We will relax sitting while admiring the beautiful mountain views.

The Invigorating Spa

Enjoy the invigorating facilities of this Spa, specially designed to stimulate the body!




How to use every attraction ?

Underwater Jets :
Start with the underwater jets that massage the lower-back firmly, the level of the dorsals and then the shoulder blades. Do not hesitate to lean backwards and stay supported by the very powerful jet. We recommend short sessions to avoid skin irritation by alternating with benches or geysers. For the torso and belly massage, move away from the jet for a better distributed action. Do not monopolize these jets which are appreciated by all!

Bubble benches :
These benches are invigorating, requiring to be maintained, while benefiting from the massaging effect of the currents of bubbles which rise from the seat. The buttocks, thighs, abs are to be maintained. All along the body, we appreciate the bubbles stroking.

Geysers :
Fun and invigorating, geysers help relax the leg muscles and stimulate the abdominal belt. The joints are massaged, from the ankles to the hips. Arms backwards resting on the bench, you hang above the giant bubbles that spin and unbalance you: the whole body is gently mobilized while stimulating its elasticity, its dynamics. We come out “washed out”! To alternate with the closest underwater jets, specially dedicated to massage the lower limbs.

The Relaxing Spa

Lying on a aquatic lounge chair or on a submerged mattress that provides bubbles, you can find peace while the sun and underwater music will craddle you along.

Massaging jets, water curtains or water cannons will make you feel the magic of warm and smooth water.


Lounge chairs



Water Cannons


How to use every attraction ?

Aquatic lounge chairs :
Like a throne at the entrance of the Relaxing Spa, the lounge chairs stretch out your arms: they are perfectly designed to welcome you in the middle of bubbles in suspension. Facing South, the sunshine invites you to close your eyes, rest and relax. The hydrostatic pressure of water and its heat have an effect on sagging muscles while bubbles stimulate and tone the skin.

Hydromassages :
Different nozzle heights allow you to target areas according to your preference. These massages combine water with a significant amount of air, which allows massaging soflty and superficially. The circulation is improved and the skin brightens thanks to the fairly large bubbles and the focus of the jets.

Bubbling beds, water cannons and aquatic benches:
The beds provide an exceptional level of relaxation, especially in the neck, shoulders and the trunk of the body. The body can let itself go, as it is supported by a design stone floor and the game of bubbles. Hot water is very ventilated when in contact with the air of the bubbles. This contributes to the well-being. To alternate regularly with the cannons which vigorously massage the cervical, the muscles of the back or the breast muscles. The bubble benches or the water curtain seats are also an opportunity to sit down, take your time while contemplating the landscape.

The Indoor Pool

A pleasant place to be

Have fun with the subtle game of bewitching waterfalls, enveloping massages and aqua music. Guaranteed fun for young and old alike!





How to use every attraction ?

Waterfalls & Aqua Curtains :
Allow to specifically massage the scalp, the nape of the neck, the upper back, in a perspective of relaxation. These are tingling jets, light strokes, enveloping massages that contribute to true fullness.

Hydrojets Benches:
You can also take a break by sitting on the hydrojet benches that target the lower back. Enjoy the interior decoration inspired by the Catalan style of construction.

Aquamusic :
Finally, floating with an aquamusic session can contribute to complete relaxation (watch out for not falling asleep!). We lie down on submerged benches or let ourselves float, ears under water to listen to pleasant music that makes us forget the hassles of everyday life …

Indoor Jacuzzi

The jacuzzi where it is good to chat with friends or to admire the landscape through the bay windows, enjoying the bubbles and jets massaging the lumbar area.



How to use every attraction ?

Polarized massage :
Take advantage of hydrojets oriented on the one hand on the lower back and on the other hand on the calves, ankles and feet. These hydrojets are more precise and focused, which allows a limited application and a deep diffusion. Avoid lingering too long and vary the massaged area for greater efficiency.

Bubbling Baths :
The jacuzzi allows you to enjoy the benches which combine underwater jets and relaxing bubble games. It is ideal for alternating with the Hammam and Sauna sessions. Systematically take a shower for hygienic reasons or use the Cold Water Path which will allow you to benefit from temperature contrasts. Also, do not hesitate to stop for a few minutes and enter the Relaxation room where you can lay down on heated benches.

Hammam & Sauna


Welcome to the Wellness Area !

To complete your Vitality trail, take advantage of the hammam, sauna, cold water path and the relaxation room.
Forbidden to KIDS -12 years old.

How to use every attraction ?

Hammam :
The hammam is a steam bath used to purify the body of its toxins. Unlike the sauna, there is no need to use a towel inside the hammam. The hammam sessions should be short (around 10 minutes) and can be renewed, interspersed with cold showers, while allowing rest periods for a new bath.
Check with your doctor for any contraindications (pregnant women, heart disease, hypertension, infectious diseases, etc.).

Sauna :
The sauna uses dry heat, generally between 70 and 80 ° C. It is necessary to take a shower before and after. The towel is mandatory for hygienic reasons. The sessions are short (a few minutes) and cause significant sweating. Similarly, take medical advice to check that the sauna is not contraindicated for you.

Cold water path :
It is an exclusivity of the Bains de LLO : this path allows you to have fun with different projections of cold water and ensures a welcoming cooling effect after the sauna or the hammam. Just press the green button at the entrance to the water path to start a cycle of 3 animations: a game of cold water sprinklers, very fun, which will splash you generously, then a large torrential rain and finally a capricious twirling waterfall that completes your cooling. In the end, it is a delight but it requires a certain “bravery”!

Relaxation Room :
Alternating with hot spring baths or a hammam and sauna sessions, the Relaxation room welcomes you with its heated benches (40 ° C) and its tranquility brings you rest and relaxation.

Prepare your visit

The thermoludic space is open to all, free for children under 3 years old.
The Massages and other treatments of the Spa-Nature, wellness & beauty Institute, are accessible from 16 years old.

Do you have any questions ? Check up our Frequently asked questions.

Useful Information

Opening times

10am to 07:30pm

10am to 08pm
Christmas and winter School holidays
and from July 15th to August 31st

Annual Closings
Closed from May 21 to May 24 included
and from Nov. 12 to Dec. 3 2024 included

Crowded periods

Low season attendance:

High season attendance:

In general, the crowds are regularly distributed throughout the day.

On ski weekends and winter school holidays, the best is to come to Bains de Llo at the opening, at 10 am, to enjoy quieter mornings and pools that are always a little warmer.

This leaves you free all afternoon to visit the surroundings or go for a mountain hike.

Contact & Access

Free parking with 500 spaces

Access | Route with Google Maps

Sale or rental of towels and swimsuits at Reception.

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What customers say about us

“Very pleasant to relax in these 35-degree baths, especially after a morning of hiking! Different pools with massage jets that do a lot of good, we have a good time of relaxation”

Marie-Claude M.
Trip Advisor

“We went there one day when the weather was very nice and we were very few people a treat, especially the outdoor pool with this sun ..
You can stay there as long as you want, the price is quickly amortized. “

Béatrice U.
Trip Advisor

The benefits of hot sulfur waters

Timeless waters that spring today
and which are more than 10,000 years old

Where does the water come from ?
It is the result of precipitations that occured more than 10,000 years which gradually infiltrated the soil.
Why is the water sulfurous ?
By infiltrating through the granite mountain mass of Puigmal, it acquires its minerality by leaching (dissolution of the rocks).
How does the water heat up?
Water acquires its thermality in contact with the subsoil heated by the natural geothermal gradient, radioactivity and tectonic friction.
What are the benefits of these waters?

Sodium sulphurous waters are traditionally used in the treatment of the skin (psoriasis, eczema), hair and nails, for burns but also for rheumatic pain, contractures and other muscle pain.

Numerous studies have highlighted the role that minerals play in these waters, in particular sulfur which can be absorbed by the body.

Certain algae and microorganisms constituting glairines, have a viscous appearance, are highly concentrated in sulfur and bring the renowned benefits and smoothness of these waters. This “thermal plankton” is used in poultices for burns or in cosmetics.

Why does thermal water gush out from the surface?

Hot water takes advantage of natural faults to rise quickly thanks to a lower density and under the hydrostatic pressure of water coming from upstream areas of the source.

Good to know : In the case of Bains de LLO, it springs naturally, that is to say, without a pump to suck up the water – an artesian borehole 80 m deep makes it possible to obtain better quality water, without the need to suck it up. Its flow is approximately 20 m3 / hour.

A unique composition (mg / l)

Calcium Ca++ 13,7 / Magnesium Mg++ 0,2 / Sodium Na+ 71 / Potassium K+ 3,4 / SiliceSi02 64
Sulfates S04 44 / Chlorurides CI 10,5 / Hydrogen sulfide H2N 3,8 / Lithium Li 0,093
Dry residue at 180°C: 228mg/l – pH = 8,2