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Pack 2 treatments – 1h


Pool entry included

  • Massage 30min + Balnéo treatment : 75€
  • with hydro-massage bath in sulfurous water
  • Massage 30min + Wrapping up treatment : 80€
  • to relax and eliminate toxins
  • Massage 30min + Presso treatment : 80€
  • for better blood circulation

Pack : * 


Massage + Balnéo treatment
This pack combines the LLO relaxing massage with a whirlpool hydromassage of sulfurous water that promotes muscle relaxation and relieves joints.

Massage + Wrapping up treatment
Llo’s relaxing massage is complemented here by an essential oil body wrap which diffuses gentle heat, promotes good product penetration, nourishes the skin and eliminates toxins.

Massage + Presso treatment
In this pack, the draining effect of the massage is reinforced by the regular movement of the presso-aesthetic boots to improve blood circulation and regain the lightness of your legs. Its effect will be maintained in the form of a spa cure.


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